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17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. J’aime beaucoup ! 😉 J’ai hâte de vous revoir en France. A bientôt, je vous embrasse très fort ainsi que toute la famille

  2. I can’t wait to be with you and enjoy music in Ithaca. This border looks like my Fire Dance, which travels with me 🙂 Take Care Wade

  3. J’aime beaucoup votre musique, vos personalités, vos messages ! Merci pour le concert de la cité de la musique à Paris le 13 février 2012 ! Beautiful !
    J’aimerais beaucoup vous revoir sur Paris ! Amicalement !

  4. the concert of yesterday in Pontivy thanks!
    Super atmosphere! I love your songs the continuous fight!
    kisses Céline

  5. Just see your page about Chris.
    Tomorow after the ceremy all the friends will join in Boqueho for a speacil evening. Miss him too much.

  6. Hi there!
    I’ve tried to contact you at some time ago, but I haven’t got an answer so far…
    However, I saw your performance at Saalfeld and I was absolutely delighted!
    I recorded a video of you singing the AIM song, may I upload it on youtube?

    I love your music and I”d really like to see you perform again! Where are you going to perform soon? Are you going to come to Germany again somewhen? And if you come to Germany, would you maybe want to perform in Western Germany?
    Best wishes♥

  7. I was listening to KAOS and the interview. Enjoyed your music! Down loaded the 2 songs and when I have enough to buy the CD, I will that too! Your music makes my heart sing! Thank you!

  8. wish you folks would come to austin…
    if you do, and you need anything, feel free to contact me.

  9. Hi! I wonder if you guys have a link to that info about those horses getting stolen from people?

    I was thinking about that hoop dance Clayson performed in Ignacio too, that was super cool!

  10. Hello!
    I wanted to thank you for your kindness to my daughter, Anna Rose, who was the youth keynote at the Local to Global Teach In last weekend. I was busy with last minute details in the hall where Anna presented, so I didn’t get to see your introduction of her on stage in person, but saw it on video at home. You were all very sweet with her, and supportive of her voice. That means the world to me, from my heart.

    We are hatching a plan which you may have interest in. I would like your feedback. Can you call me or email me, please? My email is and my phone is 480-329-8503.

  11. Jeneda I meet you at SXSW Joe Vargas from Roswell, NM like to talk to you about the band, give me call 575-317-0118

  12. Hello. Thank for your music who lightning all my days.
    Do you think coming in France in october ?

  13. Thanks a million for the wonderful concert on sunday.
    “Clownspower is love. Love is another label for hope.” (Django Edwards)
    Best regards Jochen

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