Dine’ word- to think with hope and assurance. The process of making critical affirmative action of thinking, planning, learning, becoming experienced and confident to adapt.

 Brother and sister, Jeneda and Clayson Benally of Blackfire from the Navajo (Dine’) Nation in Northern Arizona have created their own unique brand of music with bass and drums. They grew up protesting the environmental degradation and inhumane acts of cultural genocide against their traditional way of life. Their music reflects hope for equality, healthy and respectful communities and social and environmental justice.

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  1. I would strongly recommend seeing them perform! I saw them at NatureFest in Georgetown, CA, and was knocked out by their musical skill and stage presence (and since I’m a professional musician myself, who has performed with many “name” acts, I’m a pretty tough critic). I also stayed at the same lodging they did for a couple of days and observed their love of family, love of their craft, and love of the Earth. In the evenings we hung out, and I discovered another level to their personalities… they are not only very kind, but really brainy! We talked about many subjects; from politics to poetry, from Spirit to science, from current events to cupcake baking. And btw, if you ever have a chance to buy the jewelry they make, take it! Clayson’s very traditional style earrings are beautifully crafted, and my favorite pair.

  2. Would really like to see them perform here in Georgia , I wish there were more bands outhere singing about important issues within our true native culture! I noticed when i went to go look at the blackfire store , it says you can only purchase shirts, stickers, and patches at the shows. is there any possible way i could order any of the above? i would really like to show support out here for them. amazing talent!!

  3. c’est bieng!!!good songs!!!and always the hope with your special soul!!! have a nice day and see you on the road!!!
    A+ JAJA and PASCALE and SOAN

  4. Hallo Jeneda, hallo Clayson,
    thanks fort the record given by you on Sunday in May 20th. I was nicely surprised because I’ve watched your performance at Radebeul all afternoon and honestly I didn’t put it past to you making music like this. Hm… Best song is Hope because of the nice atmosphere mainly by the bass-line of Jeneda’s and that “abused” trumpet which gives the song a fabulous expression. When I listened to Never Surrender I was remembered of speeches of Russell Means. He was healed from throat cancer (at Scottsdale, his wife Pearl is also Dinèh) and got back to Pine Ridge a few weeks ago. Also when you spoke to the people in Radebeul you may have noticed some tiredness in our eyes but rarely ignorance. Since 1990 (Germany’s reunification) we had pretty much to learn and the most keep it up I guess. There’s no way out and as different as the “uniforms” of an Indian party you know? And that’s why I like your record too. The songs are very different and seen as a whole: a round thing. Don’t stop rocking the world.
    Thank you for the music and have a good trip.

  5. Hi !
    I definitely love your songs ! I have them in my head every day since your lastshow in Rochetaillée. The lyrics are powerful, the music is awesome, you are awesome. Thanks again for your music and kindness. With love, Sandra.

  6. so good to see you family yesterday, congratulations and thank you for the new recording!!!! we listened to it on the drive home, so powerful and strong! jeneda and clayson: you both sound incredible, such a full sound. will be holding you all in my thoughts and prayers, as always. love you

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  8. Enjoying your cd day and night, excellent. Missing you lots …. music no replacement. Send my regards to your family

    guitar play – Kaapse Affodille Band .. South Africa

  9. Ya’ Ta Heh’ Clayson! Sorry, I took so long…. I’ve been busy & am now back in Las Vegas, Nevada! Peace to you, Jeneda & Klee! ROCK ON Ole’ friends! RJ

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